Road maps

One of the features of my book, “Non-commutative combinatorial algebra” is a road map of Olshanskii’s proof of the celebrated Novikov-Adian’s theorem: for every large enough odd n there exists a finitely generated infinite group of exponent $n$. The goal was to present the main ideas and the main methods of the proof without getting too deep into calculations. As every good map, it provided the main roads and points of interests. The road map (which is only 12 pages long of which about 5 pages are mostly pictures)  is of course connected to the original Olshanskii’s paper (and his book “Geometry of defining relations of groups”).

I think that other large and important papers should get their road maps. I will try to write a road map of my papers with Birget, Olshanskii and Rips about Dehn functions, finitely presented non-amenable groups without free subgroups, and Higman embeddings preserving various properties.


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