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More on Gowers’ boycott

Here are some of the strangest points in the Grovers’s boycott letter. 1. Elsevier sells journals to libraries in “bundles” which Gowers does not like because his library has to pay both for the journals he  wants and for the journals  he does not fancy. What makes this objection strange is that “bundling” is a […]

Road maps

One of the features of my book, “Non-commutative combinatorial algebra” is a road map of Olshanskii’s proof of the celebrated Novikov-Adian’s theorem: for every large enough odd there exists a finitely generated infinite group of exponent $n$. The goal was to present the main ideas and the main methods of the proof without getting too […]

The Gowers’ boycott

More about editorial business. Here is why I think Gowers’s boycott of Elsevier is “ill-advised”. The real effect of the boycott is that when an editor of an Elsevier journal (J. of Algebra, JPAA, etc.) sends a referee request to some specialist, the specialist refuses to referee because he/she does not like Elsevier. This does […]